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Honor and commitment are the two core values we go by. Xgen Power is a company you can trust because we understand the importance of excellent customer service. We started this company to serve the community and to preserve a sustainable future for the generations to come. We want people to feel the value of owning their power and at the same time helping the environment. We aim to hire veterans who want a career in the solar industry because we know this is a great way to continue giving back to our communities.

Our Team


Yuechen Tao

Being originated from China and immigrated to the U.S. at a young age to pursue education. Yuechen Tao has her Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering, and is currently pursuing her Master of Science degree in Structural Engineering. Statistically shown, women have always had a low business ownership rate. She believes in empowering women from different ethnicities and professions by setting an example to lead and give back to her community by creating a greener environment for future generations. She speaks fluent English and Mandarin, and her mission is to use Xgen Power to better our world.  

Colin Benjamin

After serving eight years on active duty in the United States Navy, he moved on to obtain his degrees in engineering. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering. He has development engineering experience and is also a licensed Remote Pilot. He started this company as a way to continue to better the world and give back to the community. He employs veterans who are active in the solar industry as he knows the value they bring to the workforce. His mission is to empower people while providing excellent customer service and deliver a service you can trust.

Our Mission

"As a U.S. veteran, I knew this was a great way to continue serving and give back to the community. We enable people to now own their power while making a positive impact on the environment. Here at Xgen Power, we strive to create a cleaner future for our next generations."

                                                               - Colin Benjamin

Our Mission
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